Procurement of seafood has been an inherent strength of Triton Group.

In the last decade we have developed excellent long term relationships with suppliers and producers across the globe. Triton's ability to procure large quantities of whole round pelagic products from almost any supplier in the world, has enabled us to be the most cost effective distributor in markets of our presence.

Tackling challenges of seasonality & price fluctuations, the Trade vertical handles the demand from Distribution ensuring availability of the right product at the right place & time . Sourcing currently is done from waters like North & South Atlantic , Pacific & Indian Ocean etc.

The Trade vertical constantly networks with suppliers across the globe, to constantly add new species to our product portfolio. Trade also procures non-seafood products like Poultry and Meat from suppliers of Europe, Latin America & Africa.

Trade endeavors to expand its sourcing base by developing relationships with suppliers to provide the best products to our customers around the world.