With an ongoing recovery in Liberia , it offers a host of opportunities in the field of nutrition . Driven by a large demand for low cost animal protein , Triton Group caters to this country with its understanding of the local demand & efficient supply.
  • Apart from having a huge demand for seafood products like Mackerel & Sardines , Liberia also has an appetite for meat & poultry . Pork Meat is also sold in Liberia. Products reach end customer through local retailers and wholesalers.

  • Supported by cold stores that enable temperature maintenance, better product handling & capacity utilization, our meat & poultry products are of the best quality .Cold stores in Liberia have a storage capacity of over 1000 MT. They have a palletized racking system with forklifts to ease product movement.


  • Seafood Horse Mackerel , Mackerel ,Sardinella , Sardinella Eba, Sardines, African Mix , Dutch Horse Mackerel , Dutch Blue Whiting , Irish Blue Whiting
  • Poultry Chicken Feet , Chicken Lower Backs , Chicken Upper Backs , Chicken Wings , Whole Chicken
  • Meat Turkey Necks , Pork Sternum , Pork Hind Feet , Pork Mask

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