With large areas of uncultivated arable land , the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is arguably the country in Africa that holds the most untapped potential . Triton Group realized this opportunity & forayed into this country with its Distribution and Cold Storage Services.
  • DRC constitutes the biggest market for Triton Group .With strategic focus on improving customer experience & providing timely & hassle free deliveries, Triton Group has become the first choice for seafood, meat & poultry in DRC . Triton Group was one of the first market players to supply pork & meat in DRC . DRC's growth plan will further be propelled by the presence of Triton Group's cold chain network, which will help serve customers better.


  • Seafood Mauritanian Horse Mackerel , Sardinella, Sardinella Ebba, Sardines, Crocker, Tilapia, Cat Fish, Pangasius, Hake, Namibian Horse Mackerel
  • Poultry Whole Chicken. CLQ, Chicken Upper Back , Whole Hen, Hen Leg Quarter
  • Meat Buffalo Meat Offals, Pork Hind Feet, Pork Riblets, Pork Tail

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