Our employees, who proudly call themselves "Tritonians", imbibe the group's culture of honesty, humility and dynamic entrepreneurship. Our human resource pool includes several individuals with close to thirty years of experience in handling different geographies, different people and different products by imbibing Triton's core values.

  • People First

    We value our customers, suppliers & employees more than anything else.
  • Humility in action

    Because we believe that actions speak louder than words - we practice & preach humbleness.
  • Mutual Respect

    With diverse minds propelling Triton forward, we believe that mutual respect for people & their views, breeds growth.
  • Collaboration

    Great synergies drive great collaborative efforts onto the road of success.
  • Innovation

    Bringing innovative ideas to the table every time, helps business adapt to changing times.
  • Consistency

    Consistency in supply, price, service & promise.
  • Integrity

    We abide by the law in each region & practice the same at all levels in the organisation.

  • Sustainability

    Developing & promoting a sustainable business model with the society, environment & employees at the core of it.
  • Being Fair to all

    Fairness & transparency to all stakeholders - our customers , our suppliers & our employees.