Triton Group initially forayed into cold storage & warehouse management in 1996 by acquiring an existing cold store in Nigeria. As business grew, the Cold Chain Management vertical also proliferated across several parts in Africa & neighboring continents.

Today Triton Group, has a vast network of cold storage space across 2 continents. While Africa alone contributes to more than 25000 MT of cold storage space, India has over 3000 MT of cold storage capacity.

This vertical of Triton Group manages a vast cold store network , logistics & CFA activities providing seamless & consistent service with integrated cutting edge technology, automation & skilled manpower to provide visibility & timely delivery of high quality & safe food products.

Strict guidelines are followed to maintain hygienic conditions & safety (Phyto Sanitary Norms & Measures) during transit. CCM is currently in the process of rebuilding the cold chain infrastructure with advanced technologies of docking, palletization & refrigerated transportation in Africa .