Triton group today has expanded its horizon far beyond the country where it originated. The group has operations across Africa and Europe.

Triton group understands global competitiveness as the capacity to access global resources and global markets, connecting the two with best-in-class processes. In terms of people , two major imperatives emerge: developing enablers for accessing global resources, and developing a global mindset among existing managers.

The group has a framework that enables its managers to orient themselves to changing international realities, and to hone their knowledge and skills in a manner that helps them maximize their potential on the global stage.

Being a part of Triton group can truly be a voyage of discovery for professionals - of people, places and business cultures.

There is enough scope to experiment and try something different each day. Diverse & global experiences where you find people with their functional expertise understand and appreciate the big picture.

You may find yourself in different borders with international opportunities, contributing to the company growth and gaining important career milestones.