Triton Group forayed into Aqua farming in Ghana with fresh water fish culture.The Government in Ghana appreciated our success in the commercial production of Tilapia.

Triton Aqua is a division of Triton group that produces Tilapia & Catfish on a large scale. Triton Aqua raises nearly 10000 metric tons each year at its various aquaculture facilities in Nigeria & Ghana. Live and fresh fish is shipped from these facilities to various markets across Nigeria and Ghana making Triton Aqua one of the reputed and reliable producers of fish in Africa.

Tilapia is rapidly becoming the most sought after seafood across the world. As per recent research reports, tilapia is expected to be one of the most important farmed seafood products of the century. Triton Aqua is well positioned to meet those needs.


All of the company’s fish are bred and grown in controlled environments. Right from hatchery to grow out, every stage of culture is closely monitored under careful supervision and industry best practices to produce fish that are free of disease and outdoor contaminants.